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Zach avidly studies the jazz and classical traditions while remaining true to his roots in blues and rock guitar. Balancing the roles of performer and composer, Zach actively combines elements of all his influences, defying the limits of genre and challenging audience’s expectations of what can be accomplished on the guitar.

Zach is incredibly excited to introduce his latest project, the Zachariah Lambert Octet. He began composing for this group as a way to challenge himself during the pandemic. Knowing who he wanted to ultimately play the music, Lambert composed pieces in a way that he believed would accentuate the individual voices of each of the musicians. The instrumentation of this ensemble is unusual in that there are five horns yet no piano, creating more space in the music for the performers to explore. The band has spent countless hours practicing and rehearsing, and they are very excited to see what they can accomplish together.
In February of 2022, Zach had the honor of performing alongside his teachers and mentors from Towson University as a part of Beth El’s first Wednesday concert series. Trumpeter Dave Ballou, bassist Jeff Reed, drummer Mike Kuhl, and Zach used a bill of traditional jazz standards as a launching point for an evening of innovative improvisation.
In August of 2021, Zach had the opportunity to attend the Alternative Guitar Summit. This workshop takes place in the isolation of the Catskill Mountains in Upstate New York and is host to musicians not only from the United States, but also Canada, South America, and Europe. Here, Zach had the opportunity to study with some of his biggest inspirations: Kurt Rosenwinkle, John Scofield, Julian Lage, Gilad Hekselman, and Tim Miller.
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In March of 2021, Zachariah returned to the Mainstay in Rock Hall, MD to perform a set of his original music. This time the band consisted of a trio with Lambert as the leading voice. While there were no live audiences because of the pandemic, the concert was streamed online.
The year 2020 was a difficult time for live music, but to combat the isolation, Zach held a socially distanced concert outside of Towson University’s Student Union on November 14th—his 21st birthday. Lambert brought together a group of his classmates to perform music that he composed throughout the pandemic. The concert provided an opportunity for friends who had not seen each other since March to reconvene.

Zach began his journey with the guitar at age nine, and since then has never looked back. He began performing professionally in 2017 and has played on hundreds of gigs ranging in a wide variety of styles, including jazz combos, solo guitar, big bands, pit orchestras, songwriter duos, original and cover bands. He currently balances playing out professionally and continuing his music education at Towson University.
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Zach has performed in a variety of settings around Annapolis and Baltimore, Maryland, including local and regional festivals, theater productions, charity events, church services, and bar gigs. In October 2019, he was the featured guest artist for Mainstay Monday where he performed a duo with pianist Joe Holt.

In the summer of 2019, Zach attended the School of Improvisational Music at the Brooklyn Conservatory, where he played with a wide-ranging group of international musicians. Zach was also part of the Baltimore production of
Voices of Carmen that performed at the Kennedy Center. Prior to this, Zach performed with Towson University’s Big Band at Prism, which is TU’s annual showcase for their music department. Earlier in April, his quartet played at the Mainstay in Rock Hall, Maryland, and they will be returning to the Mainstay on March 27, 2020.

In 2018, Zach became the inaugural winner of The Mainstay Rock Hall Scholarship and as a result was afforded the opportunity to sit in with guitarist Frank Vignola at the Mainstay. He also was invited to play for the Charlie Byrd Society.


In his senior year of high school, Zach was awarded the Semper Fidelis Award for Musical Excellence, as well as the Woody Herman Jazz Award. Zach also went through training to become a certified instructor for The Warrior Music Foundation, which is an organization that provides music lessons and therapy to veterans and their families. Zach also began teaching at Priddy Music Academy where he had previously been a student. In addition to this, Zach performed at local festivals including Eastport-a-Rockin', Frozen Harbor Music Festival, and Great Strides Walk for Cystic Fibrosis with his original rock trio 2nd Chair. Other events he performed at are the Anne Arundel County Fair, Burgers and Bands for Suicide Prevention, and The Maryland Food Truck Festival with groups affiliated with Priddy Music Academy.